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Harry looks at some markup and techniques to sending analytics requests in oft-overlooked scenarios:

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Async CSS

I’m not certain I have a need for this, currently, but it’s worth recording here:

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Not my strongest subject, and I definitely need to flesh this section out.

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Handling Long Words

Just putting this up here to remind me to take these into account when designing patterns (and for StartCSS).

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PHP: The Right Way

I’m not sure how I never managed not to come across this before, but I thought I’d post it here as a useful resource:

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Accessible Responsive Tables

This is an issue I’ve looked a lot at over the years but I’ve not found time to really look for a solution myself, yet. I haven’t found time to compile all my thoughts and links on this yet either, but the following post prompted me to start:

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Produces a lot of code but pretty handy. A good compromise, I think.

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Thoughts on SVG icons

Hugo Giraudel’s recent post on SitePoint got me thinking about SVG icons again. On the whole I like to approach he lay’s out, especially considering how well it’s supported in the context of using the M3 Mustard Cut. I particularly like how we leaves any fallback text up to the context in which it’s used - the only difference is that I’d probably do the fallback text like this:

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Endometriosis CaRe Centre Logo

The team at the Endometriosis CaRe Centre, Oxford commissioned me to create a logo for the Centre. I enlisted the help of my colleague and all-round talented designer Sarah to help with this job.

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